I didn’t grow up as a soccer player. Instead, I played football, baseball, basketball, did some track and field events in school and rec leagues. Never a stand out player, I think I mostly just tried to stay out of the way. Soccer was just a “fun” game to play at recess. It was just a bunch of kids running around chasing a ball until someone could manage to get it into the goal.

It wasn’t until I was an adult, with my own kids, that a friend, who was the registrar for our local AYSO region, told us the soccer season was going to start soon and asked if our daughter Sami wanted to play. Sami and her daughter were best friends in pre-school.

AYSO always struggles due to a shortage of volunteers, and we ended up on a team with no coach until a parent agreed to be the coach and another parent volunteered to be the assistant coach. He told us all that he didn’t know much about soccer, his sport was baseball, but we wouldn’t be able to play unless someone stepped up, and the other parent knew about the same about soccer. We were grateful for them, but the team was terrible. I think we only won one game that season. What a way to start my daughter’s soccer career! The thing is, it didn’t matter. She loved it! Not only did she love it, but she was pretty good… I guess being on a team that only won one game, it wasn’t a high bar to be a “good” player! (That was a joke! They were kids, so we knew what to expect. We were trying to figure it out, so we didn’t expect them to be rock stars!) All the girls worked hard and gave it all they had. Losing sucked, but the coach always encouraged the girls and stressed to them that most important thing was that they were having fun! She always looked forward to practice days and really loved game days. She fell in love with the game.

That was our introduction to soccer and that’s how we became a Soccer Family!

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