I wanted to start this video recording service for recording soccer matches for quite some time now. The biggest roadblock I had was what to name the service. I considered something with my name, something with video recording, soccer game video, and quite a few other names, but nothing seemed to stick.

Push the Button Monkey came from my other profession. I am a photographer, www.anthonyruizphotography.com, and in that field, so many people think photography is just pushing a button, that it’s so easy, a monkey could do it. I often, jokingly, say to people that I’m just a monkey pushing a button. And from that came Push the Button Monkey.

And on a side note, I tell my littlest daughter that the monkey on the logo is modeled after her, but she says she doesn’t see it.

About Me

Anthony Ruiz

Anthony Ruiz

Chief Monkey

Maybe there is a little more involved than pushing a button, but it's something I enjoy!

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Based in Bakersfield, California

 Serving the Central and Southern Cal area

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Email: pushthebuttonmonkey@gmail.com

Phone: 661-301-1344